Betting Guides

The Guide pages feature many systems and strategies. Things you have to be careful of, things to avoid and also a wonderful glossary about the terms bookmakers are using on a regular basis! If you are a new player, you should spend some time to read what the terminologies mean, so it will be much easier for you to deal with your bets and enhance your chances of profit!

Start here! If you are betting you need to know what you are going to be winning! What does it all mean then? Fractional, Decimal? 10/11,16/1? Here you will find out about how odds are calculated and…

Singles?, accumulators?, doubles?, trebles? All the common types of bet are explained here, and a few tips to guide you in choosing the types of bet that best suit your strategy.

Is online betting safe? How do I deposit money and withdraw my winnings? Here you will learn more about online bookies, how they work, and some of the main benefits of betting online.

Some advice to ensure you make the most of your bets and don't lose your hat! Before you dive in, consider these ideas.