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There’s two main sides to the new look Cheeky Punter website. Honest assessment of the industry is something I pride myself on and you’ll see from a number of the pages on the site that I give out recommendations for where and where not to bet. These are purely based on my own personal experience. You can check out my opinions in the review section where I’ve graded all the major bookmakers and reviewed them in detail… probably too much detail for some :D and you’ll find coverage of latest industry developments in the site blog. Tips and predictions are also a big part of the site and the side of things I enjoy doing the most. Comments are open on all tips posts so you can drop me a line on anything you want there. I have even started keeping a record of all my betting tips which you can see on the tips breakdown page. I have never claimed or promised or said that my tips are guaranteed to make anyone money who follows them but they are 100% genuinely what I back with my own cash. All tips and predictions are totally free and always will be.

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