About Us
99 Bookmakers was developed with an ambition to simplify the bookmaker bettors the difficult and time-consuming process of selecting a bookmaker to play. Trustworthiness, sports variety, or bonus offers - these are only a few things which are advisable to be taken into consideration.
99 Bookmakers takes an equal approach to all online bookmakers, none of them is preferred because of affiliation. Bookmakers ranking is a result of evaluation of bookmakers website traffic as an objective indicator.
Periodical update is the only possibility of following fast-changing facts such as payment methods or bonuses. Information provided by 99 Bookmakers is updated continuously, bookmakers ranking on the first day of every month.
Comparing bookmakers by individual criteria offers users quick answers about specific issues (e.g. signup bonus size). Our comparison tables compare online bookmakers by about 20 criteria.
Every information loses its value if it's not presented in a user-friendly environment. 99 Bookmakers achieves this by standardization of bookmakers profiles and the use of comparison tables.