Best Online Bookmakers

By playing online, you can bet at any time of the day or night, wherever you are. All you need is an active internet connection. You don’t waste any time on the road, don’t risk losing the start of the parties due to traffic or the queue at the counter and you can close the bet if you think it’s the case. What are the most used and appreciated online bookmakers or by other words best online bookmakers?

Here is a list with our top chose. For many you have a free amount of money to bet, for others, you need to put from the start the money on the deposit. One fact is sure: all your preferences will be satisfied at least on one site proposed.

22Bet Bookmaker Review
100% bonus up to $122

Up to $100

The first bookmaker in the world, which holds auctions on the bet for the sports events exchange. About 1.7 million registered players around the world. Excellent line and description, good margin, high odds. Loyalty towards successful players.

100% up to €50

Although Bethard is online since 2014, founders have significant experience. It helped the bookie became popular very fast. Being famous as the online casino, Bethard also offers great experience in betting and also with a huge welcome bonus.

2 x 100% up to €150

Sweden bookmaker founded in 1963 and available online since 2004. Presents over 4000 sports betting channels with very attractive odds. Accepts bets on sports events, as well as on the events in politics, show business and the world of cinema.

Betway Bookmaker Review
100% up to £30

More than 30,000 sports betting markets, with a wide range of markets available live and in-play. Competitive odds, offers and money-back specials throughout the sporting calendar. Betway also provides an opportunity to play online casino games.

100% up to €40

No matter whether you’re a pro or beginner – everyone can join in. Bwin offers up to 30,000 bets daily with betting action in more than 90 sports. Not to mention online casino: live poker and numerous classic games for that short break in-between.

MelBet Bookmaker Review
100% up to $60

More than 200 events and 1,000 matches daily in Sportsbook with offers like 100% cashback on accumulators. A lot of specific events: a run of play, team to score first, wins in time intervals. Features weekly tournament games and fast gambling games.

100% Signup bonus

Well-known and reliable British bookmaker with more than 2.5 million registered customers in 200 countries. It results in more than one million bets per day. In addition to betting offers virtual games and casino and playing Paradise Poker website.

Unibet Bookmaker Review
100% Signup bonus

One of the largest online gambling operators in Europe. Offers sports betting (pre-match and live) and casino games. It has separate educational section for beginners. Provides information in popular languages. Includes helpful statistics section.

William Hill Bookmaker Review

Leading online gaming and betting provider to UK customers and one of the top three online sports betting operator in Italy and Spain. Provides more than a million betting opportunities on offer every week, including in-play and pre-match betting.

What do you need to have to bet?

First of all, you must be aged 18 years. Then, depending on the operator you choose, you’ll need either a bank card or just your identity card. If you play at an agency that operates in one specific country, you can play either online or offline; but also, you can go and deposit money directly from agencies. Otherwise, you need a bank card, or in some cases, you can use Paypal. Do not forget after you open your account, to make all needed procedures for verification as quickly as possible.

The most important thing is creating some borders when you are playing. Firstly, reserve a special budget for bets and choose a money management strategy you should respect with the utmost rigour. Make sure the amounts you play do not emotionally affect you. Play a single match on the ticket and bet the same stake every time. It is very important to analyze each game statistically, as well as from a sport and social point of view. Never bet before you are looking for pros and cons for your bet.

Even though card games as seen as a category of luck and not a strategy game, many forget to use some basic rules for having an advantage every time when they are playing against one or several other opponents. So, in this case, you can find this particular game as pure luck where this is seen the decisive factor in gains or losses, even when it comes to studying thoroughly and analyzing statistics to bet.

Tips & tricks and side effects

The stake is on a continuum that starts from the occasional bet, passes through the regular one that means performing this as a behaviour once or twice a week. But, be careful to not transform this hobby into a problem, or even dependence. Betting dependency can also affect health. This means that those who have this pathology can develop problems. They could concern the digestive system, both in the stomach and intestines and also in migraines, insomnia, depression. In the worst cases, it can even reach other bad effects which can be cured only with some professional help.

There is no magical formula to ensure a guaranteed month’s gain. There is no person who can say that a player will always be on the plus and that he never loses. If you’ve heard someone say it, then it’s definitely just a lie. Even professional gamblers who live in this business have very lucrative months, but also months when losses are higher than earnings.

In fact, a survey has been done among professional bettors from other countries, and it has been concluded that none of them has been successful for many years and when they reached real earnings, they must pay first their debts. Even so, they manage to win in their games because they created a strategy on which they could not have only loses and not pluses on the budget created - that’s why the rules and tips that are here were taken over by successful bettors. These tips and rules have helped those bettors reach the level they are today, even if you follow these recommendations, you are not guaranteed that you will be a successful gambler, but will increase your chances of making extra on long-term sports betting. And surely you will also lose money from your account.