How to choose a bookmaker?

choose bookmaker

Choosing a suitable bookmaker is the first step for a person, who decided to start betting on sports. To choose a bookmaker and avoid many mistakes, let’s find out what are the criteria and the quality must match the bookmaker.


The first and most important factor is the reliability and reputation of the bookmaker. The most famous bookmakers taking much care about their reputation. For such bookmakers, the risk that you will not be paid out or the player’s account will be blocked without explanation is minimized.


The second factor — low margin and high maximums. As much as we might wish, but any bookmaker earns on the player bets. So every sane player wants to minimize their own risk and maximize revenue. It is necessary to pay close attention to the maximum bet, maximum winnings and competitive odds offered by the bookmaker. The higher these parameters, the better.


The third factor — line and action line. Reputable bookmakers offer a wide range of sports you can bet, but also cyber-sport, show business events, politics, etc. The eventful action line is also a sign of a good tone for the bookmaker. Nobody will be surprised to place bets on win/draw/lose, total or handicap, current players want to see in the action line: the number of corners, who will score a goal and what minute Mourinho will be sent off.

Banking options

The fourth factor — deposit/withdrawal methods. It’s all very simple — the more, the better. Choose the most suitable method with the fastest terms of payout and with a minimum commission.

Customer Support

Last but not the least important factor — customers support and adequate attitude to the players. In case of any disputed issues, it is important that the bookmaker gives maximum support information to their players. Many bookmakers offer 24/7 support and a variety of communication methods, such as online chat, email and phone. When registering, try to ask the bookmaker any question and see how quickly and thoroughly the answer will be given.

We hope these simple points help you to choose a bookmaker wisely.

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